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Welcome to Say hello to heaven, a soulful spot online filled with inspiration and guidance for you!

As a medium I am a bridge between worlds.

I channel energy

From deceased loved ones, from you, from the past and from the future.

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In my soul sessions I work with you through hypnosis and regression at a soul level for all questions about your destiny, karma, life lessons and talent.

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During a demonstration of spiritual mediumship I will make the connection to the world of spirit. In this connection I am open to receive messages from loved ones for  thegroup. A demonstration connects two worlds, where inspiration and words will be channeled that will apply to everyone present. The spiritual world always provides healing during my demonstrations.

Demonstrations can be booked online or on location for 10 to 30 people. For larger groups I work together with fellow mediums (in consultation)

Contact me for more information:

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