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Class of 24

Welcome to the wonderful world of intuitive development and spiritual connection! As your guide and mentor on this enchanting path, I invite you to participate in my intuitive workshops, where we journey together to develop our sixth sense and make deep connections with the spiritual world. Step by step we will pierce the veil between the physical and spiritual worlds, relying on our intuition to guide us. Prepare for a magical journey full of discoveries, insights and connections. Let's unravel the mysteries of the universe together and embrace our inner power. Are you ready to let your intuition flow and embrace the magic? Then register via the button!

Planned start April


33 euros per lesson

4 lessons

Master class
The language of numbers

Enter the fascinating world of numerology, where numbers are not just numbers, but the keys to profound self-discovery and spiritual growth. As your guide on this enchanting journey, I invite you to join this inspiring masterclass where together we will unravel the mysteries of the numbers and explore their hidden meanings. Discover how your date of birth, name and life path influence numbers that form a unique blueprint for your life and personality. Together let us decipher the codes of the universe and reveal the hidden wisdom of numerology. Prepare for a journey full of insights, enlightenment and self-discovery as we let ourselves be guided by the magic of numbers. Are you ready to explore the depths of your soul and embrace the hidden wisdom of numerology? Then join this trilogy and let's explore the wonders of numbers together!

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Contribution: 90 euros


Master class


Welcome to the enchanting world of tarot, where symbols speak and cards tell stories. As your guide on this mystical journey, I invite you to join my inspiring masterclass where together we will explore the depths of tarot and reveal the secrets of the cards. Discover how the archetypal images and symbols of the tarot cards can lead us to deep insights and clarity in our lives. Learn the art of reading tarot cards and develop your intuition to understand the messages of the universe. Prepare for a journey full of magic, self-reflection and spiritual growth as we are guided by the wisdom of the tarot. Are you ready to pierce the veil of mystery and embrace the power of tarot? Then join this masterclass and let's discover the magic of the tarot cards together!

The masterclass can be booked at a time!

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Contribution 33 euros per lesson

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